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"The Secret Garden"

The Supper

Magic Attracts Magic

 You're not here by coincidence​....

If you love the sound of “Xesses” when the
meat touch the coals, “The Witch” menu will wake up your taste buds!

What's The Magic?

hand made dishes from the best

plants and ingredients that grow in Israel.

Tasty people from all over the world.

Argentine ancient wine,

Mysterious starters ,salads ,wicked meat

and.... a dessert that will make you an happy ending

When? What? Who?

We will meet at 19:30 at a secret location-8 minutes from Tel aviv.

The secret address will be sent few hours before the supper.

(we said confidential, no?)

For starting the journey and for not becoming a toad🐸

click the button below

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50 shades of purple

Passion spell- All ingredients are purple and from  mother earth
 If you discover the ingredients of the dish,you will get the next dish

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pita sado

Soft, juicy chunk that of the cow's ribs, smoked 10 hours with pecan tree.
 And rosemary that permeates meat. For dominance - chimichori aioli, disciplined green leaves

all that lays in a Yemeni cranachi pita


pumpkin head

Dish for people with an open mind
A beautiful pumpkin whose head was removed, after which she received an oil massage. inside  the sheep's neck and ribs, along with a fresh salad from the garden harvest.

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The princess and the frog

Do you have an inexplicable desire to give a princess a bite?
Royal Cow Tusik, lightly stoned from smoke, served with pea cream and touched by magic powder

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surprise egg

Green onion cream, chicken thigh, sweet potato hearts, eggplant bloody,
And pickled lemon. All this lies in a crispy surprise egg made from white corn flour

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The narcissist

A potato that is in love with himself! Filled with cream made from potato. Above it, a sexy lime scrape to mesmerize the scent. The narcissist has been exploited by several methods and leaves Crispy screams! Above him? Tasty veal almonds

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Hallucin mushrooms

Aa treasure from Cocoa Valley  brownie mushroom full of hazelnut nougat. Pistachio River and other surprises.
 Rumor has it that anyone who tastes the mushroom gets a rich life in passion.

Magic & potions  Menu:

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