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A Secret Location  

about a ten-minute drive from Tel Aviv. The mysterious culinary journey takes a couple of hours. You’ll enjoy a candlelit dinner; fine dining and unforgettable flavors. The witch brews recipes she sees in her dreams or in her magic ball.

Throughout the night, the witch’s apprentice will keep pouring wine into your magical goblets!



What will you be eating? What will you choose? 

Mortal don’t get to choose at the witch’s hut. 

So, although you’ll read the manus, 

at the witch’s you eat – you don’t choose.

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Have you ever

tasted a Nightmare?

Or a devil’s egg? How about psychedelic mushrooms made of 11 different types of desserts? 

Legend has it that the witch’s delicacies, 

will make you weak in the knees.

She gathers herbs, roots and everything nice, 

she mixes, brews and pickles with spice. 

In her lab, she studies different combination, 

day and night to create exciting sensations.


at the witch’s home is quite unregular… 

Apparently, the witch doesn’t have a single plate, You’ll eat food off skulls and mirrors in different states. 

There are tree trunks and bark for every dish, 

the witch fulfills mortals’ every decadent wish. 

The victims, of course, are handpicked too, 

if you love mystery – it might be you!

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On a Full Moon Night 

You’ll receive a mysterious message to embark on your 

25 Hours Before the Banquet

You’ll receive another text message with instructions on how to get to the witch’s house. 


Have You Arrived at Your Last Supper? 

Good Luck


If you somehow get out, without breaking a sweat, 

then you’ll have a memory you’ll never forget! 

Are you brave enough? The witch is waiting, as you see… 

She will bite you… and that’s a guarantee

Menu of Spells 

המרקחות והכישופים:

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Devil’s Egg

Spring onion cream, goose’s thigh, eggplant, Jerusalem artichoke, and pickled lemon. All of those are wrapped in an egg-like case made of a crispy Venezuelan wrap made of white corn flour.

המרקחות והכישופים:

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A surprise dish that changes according to the witch’s dreams. 

המרקחות והכישופים:

The Narcissist

A potato full of… itself, topped with dragon eggs, and 8 different types of spicy and pickled peppers.

המרקחות והכישופים:

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The Witch’s Granita 

A frozen granita with refreshing poisonous spices… 

המרקחות והכישופים:

Garden Salad 

A salad made of herbs the witch picked that very morning – watercress, wood sorrels, and other surprises, with mint, lime, and first harvest olive oil. 

המרקחות והכישופים:

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 BDSM pita Bread

10-smoked ribs, and rosemary leaves seeping through the meat. To keep things rough – a chimichurri aioli, obedient green leaves, all stuffed into a soft pita bread, crunchy on the outside.

המרקחות והכישופים:

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Psychedelic Mushrooms 

Looking for a happy ending? This is a dessert that takes three days to make. The first mushroom is all about hazelnuts, Nutella cream, brownies fudge, and handmade pure cocoa from the Ivory Coast.

המרקחות והכישופים:

Vanilla Orchid Mushroom

Almond and vanilla mushrooms, must of Indian cashews, caramelized pecans, and intoxicated vanilla brought to you all the way from Madagascar.

המרקחות והכישופים:

Pavlova Mushroom 

Lime Brulé, lime candy, blueberry meringue, and Salep cream. Absolutely appalling. 

 Are you brave enugh?

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